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Re: ANN: DataBasin 0.4

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: ANN: DataBasin 0.4
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 12:45:17 -0500

    I'm using Gmail because I don't have the finances to run my own hosting and
    backup infrastructure, and I want to be able to access my data on any
    machine I log on to. I'm pretty sure that people that use Salesforce and
    other conceptually similar platforms also want to cut costs.

You are probably right, but you're talking about a different subject.
I raised the issue of a grave ethical flaw.  You're talkimg about
practical benefits.  I am sure Salesforce has a benefit -- people
would not use it if they had no motivation -- but that doesn't
make it ethical.

Gmail and SalesForce are different cases.  Gmail does pure
communcation, so it doesn't try to do your computing for you.  I have
not seen SalesForce, but my understandimg is the main job it does for
you is deciding what to communicate with whom.  That's doing your
computing for you.

    also appears to me that a free software alternative to Salesforce is, for
    example, SugarCRM. There are other free CRMs.

If SugarCRM is indeed a free software equivalent to SalesForce,
I am glad to know we already have one.

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