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First release of corebase coming soon

From: Stefan Bidi
Subject: First release of corebase coming soon
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 10:42:57 -0500

For those of you not familiar with the project, the GNUstep-corebase project is a free software implementation of the CoreFoundation library.

I plan on making a release of GNUstep-corebase in a few weeks.  Since this is the first release, and the code is still alpha quality at best, I have decided to do a prolonged testing phase.  This testing phase will be split in 2 subphases.

The first will be a 3 week period, ending June 10th.  This will be the time to test the code and look for inconsistencies.  Essentially, I want to make sure the code compiles in your favorite platform and all tests pass.  New tests can be added to the existing CF-types only, there is no plans to add another type/class before the release.  I will still be doing some work on the library at this time, but do not plan on adding anything new.

The second phase will end on June 24th and will lead to the release.  This is your normal code freeze.  I'd like to get the bugs that were found during the previous phase corrected during this time if they were not already fixed.  I really do not want to add any new tests at this stage unless it is something that can be easily fixed.  Anything requiring a deeper look will be postponed to the next release.

To build -corebase you will need gnustep-make, gnustep-base, libobjc, libicu and the zoneinfo directory.  The dependency on gnustep-base and libobjc will be optional at the time of release.  Being a pure C library, corebase doesn't need these libraries unless you want to interface with the objc runtime (ie toll-free bridged classes).  I have not decided what to do with libicu at this point since it provides core functionality.  If there is enough demand, it will be optional as well.

Adam, would you be able to make the release during the week of June 24th?  I can move the dates around if you need me to.


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