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Re: Gorm can edit which types of files ?

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Gorm can edit which types of files ?
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 23:01:09 +0100
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Hi Daniel,

Daniel Santos wrote:
Hi Riccardo,

I was able to read your email, so you fixed it.
What led me to Gorm and opening the GNUMail nibs in it, was that in my debian 9 VM (that I use to build and run gnustep), I bumped into a problem. When I open the preferences dialog and in the accounts section I press either the Add or Edit buttons, they stay pressed and no new window appears.

This is usually indicating that an exception or other issue happens on the action of the button, a stacktrace helps, but also running in a debugger with a breakpoint in [NSException raise] and trying to understand what is happening.

So my first approach was to open the NIB file in Gorm and see which target/method was linked to the buttons. Then I noticed that I could not select anything inside the panel. I wanted to select the button but no red selection dots appeared and the inspector didn't update to reflect the component I was selecting. Then I tried opening a gorm file and selection of components works for those files.

As I was trying to explain you, you should look in the code and/or gorm files for GNUstep in 99% of the case. However, the NIB files should be equivalent, so as a reference you can do that. In this case your issue is more Gorm related and we need to know which file(s) you have an issue with Gorm.

Do you happen to open a "view" instead of a "window" in the form file? I just tried that and get issues. Views have always been a little tricky, but maybe Gregory can reproduce that and fix it.

As I understand, the GNUMail application is developed in Macs and then compiled for Linux, right ?

As I tried to explain it with a little bit of history, it was developed by Collaboration World by Ludovic, first on GNUstep then ported to Mac and the Interface code differs a little, but should function the same.

Currently it is being debugged as much as possible by me and sometimes a few others and both GNUstep and Mac are equally maintained. I am trying to fix bugs and close the gap between Mac and GNUstep. I also try to enhance it portability to different Mac versions, different GNUstep platforms, etc. So the two environments are treated with equal dignity. Mac is useful because it usually behaves a little better and may help as a comparison against GNUstep when seeking for a bug.
Also, I do it just because :)


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