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Re: [DotGNU]A vote for Meetathon - III

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]A vote for Meetathon - III
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 05:06:50 -0700 (PDT)

--- address@hidden wrote:
> (I'm not at home, but from a cafe ... so excuse the ^Ms)
> > > C# Attributes ?
> > 
> > Sounds interesting.
> > That is how you are handling native calls now? (sorry I have not
> been
> > following this closly)
> [MethodImpl(...)]

And the attributes are evaluated at compile time? 
This is a very powerfull method, then via reflection the attributs of
the class are also available? Ok well then you can use whatever is
provided by reflection to inspect the class and generate code.

I will have to check out the source code, months ago you guys were
fighting with attributes...

> We could do something like
> [XmlSerializable]
> public struct LoginInfo
> {
>    String sessionid;
>    DateTime expireOn;
> }
> public class MyWebServicelet : WebServicelet
> {
> // implements GetMethods() automatically
> [Webservice(Allow=WebserviceVisibility.All)]
> public static LoginInfo Login(String username,String passwd)
> {
>    /// Implement the Call
> }
> }
> Store this in a container which accepts XmlRpc calls and 
> calls Login via Reflection (Method.Invoke()) and all that.
> In the future allow it to be called via SOAP or jabberMiddle
> or stuff ..

Now, here is something crazy : but if I can call it via perl or an
existing module, we could use the entire mod_perl and modules for
now.... The same goes for java.

Of course you will say that it is a suboptimal solution. it has to be
simple, standalong and easy.

But if you had a simple pnet module that could be used in existing
perl, java, python modules, then you will find many people willing to
use and expand on it. 

There might not be enough man power to keep up an entire development
effort, but to create a client module so that you can embed pnet inside
another system, that would be great.

Given that pnet is kept so small and with so few dependancies, it just
might be simple to create a pluggable runtime. Even if you had to give
it time with a scheduler system, threads are one thing, but if you just
want to call a CLI-runtime call to something, and wait for it to
return, then should it be able to do without threading?

> I can implement this as an ordinary WebServer in a period
> of 3 months or so ... But I've commited myself to working 
> on the compiler (see WW stuff) ....
> > Good point : 
> > 
> > Many people use tomcat/apache jserv.
> > The less people have to learn, and the more the feel at home, the
> more
> > likely the will feel inclined to switch over and try it.
> > 
> > my 2 euro cents
> Me feels the same ... But we have to find a way to run libgc inside
> Apache ... (how does mod_haydn work ?)

Lib garbage collection, you mean to have multiple instances of it, one
for each process? 

This is over my head. I have encountered libg in the compiler, it
tracks what memory you give it, I am not sure how thread safe it is,
but if each user ran in its own process..... I dont know.


James Michael DuPont

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