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[DotGNU]WG leaders needed / DG WG meeting

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]WG leaders needed / DG WG meeting
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 19:04:38 +0200


at the moment there are still 4 WG leader posts open, it would be nice to have
them filled in time for the meet-a-thon (next weekend). The posts are:
* Foundation code (pnet and libs)
* Webservices
* Authorization (there is dog-auth-wag but I haven't heard of a WG leader there)
* Business

For the following WG's the following people are candidates:
* Architecture - Chris Smith
* PR - Gopal V.
* Philosophy - Peter Minten

If we manage to get leader appointed for all the WG's we could hold a DotGNU WG
meeting during the meet-a-thon. I'd suggest using either the Saturday 10:00 UTC
session for that or the Sunday 10:00 UTC session. The meeting will of course be
open for anybody to join. It would be nice to have some representation from the
SC too. The main agenda points could be:

* Course of DotGNU
* Organization of DotGNU

So in conclusion, I'm asking for a discussion about the future of DotGNU in
which a course could be set.



PS: Just a warning, during the meet-a-thon there will be a summertime/wintertime
change. Everybody please stick to UTC to avoid problems.

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