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Re: New to the group

From: Christian Selig
Subject: Re: New to the group
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 12:03:19 +0200
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Kristian A. Rink wrote:

As Joerg Tauss (who I am, despite his other political
works, at least appreciating for his dedication to Free Software usage in
German government) stated on Chemnitz LinuxTag some weeks ago: "It's hard
to understand why German schools should do free-of-charge product training
for a company like Microsoft",

The situation is even worse. There is a Microsoft/Intel partner project "Lernen für die Zukunft" (Teaching for the future), which consists of training materials for MS Windows and MS Office and cheap copies. It is even supported by politicians who view Microsoft as an innovative company with great products. With this initiative, Microsoft tries to secure itself a long-lasting monopoly on the school sector.

We have to warn all officials. We have better arguments than cheap software and no-cost training materials. We have a *vision*. Make that clear to all of the decision makers out there.

I should note that I'm highly involved with political pro-FS lobbying. I won't get into the details, because I can't reveal my actions on public lists where some Microsoft agents might look at the open archive. Hey, MS guys, I already got some gooooood contacts, hehe >:^>

If needed, I also could be of help writing some stuff on GNU/Linux -
related topics. I have been lately writing articles for example for and several other (web/print) ressources and guess I
this way achieved some basic skills in writing things. :)

I consider this an offer to help :-)

Cheers, have a nice weekend everyone wherever you are.

Whether it's cold or whether it's hot,
whatever's the weather whether we like it or not,
have a nice weekend.

Bye, Christian

I am chaos.  I am the substance from which your artists and scientists
build rhythms.  I am the spirit with which your children and clowns
laugh in happy anarchy.  I am chaos. I am alive, and tell you that you
are free. - Eris, Goddess Of Chaos, Discord & Confusion

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