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Re: [emacs-bidi] Re: emacs-bidi - funtional/ready, now what ?

From: Kamal Dalal
Subject: Re: [emacs-bidi] Re: emacs-bidi - funtional/ready, now what ?
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 10:54:51 -0800
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On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 06:09:07PM +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> I described several aspects of that implementation several times, but
> I don't know whether my explanations ``shed more light'' on it ;-)

Nope! Still dark ;)
> As I said several times here in the past, I'm uneasy about releasing
> unfinished code.  I did say that I will gladly pass whatever I have to
> individuals who will demonstrate that they are determined to work on
> bidi Emacs.

I understand. Hope that person arrives really soon.

> Also, Windows inherently supports bidi, so it sounds like you don't
> need anything to have what you want.

Correct, but I'd rather not use Windows services to do bidi.

> Can you tell why do you think a sequential algorithm would be useful
> for a terminal?

A terminal receives characters on the wire as they arrive. I was
wondering whether an incremental approach to bidi would allow one to
apply it on the characters on the wire. 

I know, an incremental bidi may turn out to be completely useless to
terminals, but I am still interested ;)

# Kamal

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