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Re: porting GNU Emacs to kde (?)

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: porting GNU Emacs to kde (?)
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 23:58:37 -0500

    Yes.  Personally, I don't understand RMS' "it would not be right for
    Emacs to have more support for KDE than for GNOME" mostly as an
    admonition that one should not proceed hastily towards a KDE solution
    and later find that one made design decisions that complicate
    integrating Emacs into GNOME.

This interpretation is not correct.  What I said is that a GNU package
should support GNOME at least as well as it supports any non-GNU
desktop.  The maintainers should not leave it to chance, or to the
actions of others, to control whether this is true.  They should make
sure this is always true.

GNU packages such as GNU Emacs and GNOME are part of a larger project,
the GNU Project.  They should help each other out and support each
other.  If Emacs included support for KDE in ways that it did not
support GNOME, that would be disloyal.  We will not do that.

To maintain a GNU package as if it existed in isolation, as if the
only goal were to make that package good and popular, is to work
towards the wrong goal.  The goal is to make the GNU system good and
popular.  Maintainers should not forget to work together on this.

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