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Re: Moving handlers out of desktop.el

From: Lars Hansen
Subject: Re: Moving handlers out of desktop.el
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:01:49 +0200
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Juri Linkov wrote:

I think moving the desktop functions AS IS to respective packages is
not good, because these packages shouldn't depend on the desktop package.
IMHO one module ought not "hack into" another module because such hacks are difficult to understand and may be broken unintentionally. OTOH it is OK and unavoidable that a module use "general services". I know very well that terms like "module", "hack into" and "general service" may be understood differently by different developers. In my view, desktop "hacks into" four other modules, dired, rmail, mh and info. And I view desktop as a "general service".

Consider the following scenario. Actually, it is from real life (the user is me): A user have made a module foo implementing foo-mode. He wants desktop saving for foo buffers but they do not visit a file. Thus he has to write a function `desktop-buffer-foo' and add it to `desktop-buffer-handlers' in his .emacs file. He wants the foo module to play together with Emacs out-of-the-box, so he cannot put `desktop-buffer-foo' into desktop.el. Instead he puts it into foo.el, which is natural since it is a foo related function. Now desktop is independent of foo, but foo depends on desktop since it uses desktop services. The only problem is that foo has to be loaded from .emacs to make `desktop-buffer-foo' available to the desktop module.

My question is: Why should `desktop-buffer-foo' be placed _outside_ desktop.el but the handlers for dired, rmail, mh and info _inside_ desktop.el?

Making general functions (with an autoload cookie) from them would be
good.  Such functions could have general arguments and be useful
for other purposes as well.
I don't think I understand what kind of functions you mean.

This could be done independently from the first item.
Yes, but I see no point in doing it.

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