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unicode & Emacs

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: unicode & Emacs
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 19:36:23 +0200

Hi all.

I am unable to find the emacs-unicode mailing list. It seems to have
been closed. So i assume this is the right place to post and discuss
unicode-emacs related issues.

I am currently designing and writing a piece of software named EDKIT
(for EDitor KIT). It is basically a set of useful libraries for text
editor development. When dealing with character repertories, character
codes and character encodings was very clear to me that EDKIT should
include native ISO 10646 support in the buffer component as the
internal representation of text. So i started a heavy learn about
character issues. Finally i implemented the EDKIT unicode native
support that is capable to encode the entire 31 bits ISO 10646 code
space in good compact UTF-8 encoding.

I studied the Emacs implementation for character sets as part of my
investigation. While mule offer many nice features i wondered about
some existing plan to implement native ISO 10646 support on Emacs. I
googled some references for a `unicode-emacs' mailing list, but i was
unable to find it on the mail gnu machine.

I also found a proposal in the form `Emacs-Unicode-990824' where UCS-E
and UTF-E was explained. It was on a thread on the `linux-utf8'
mailing list at
http://mail.nl.linux.org/linux-utf8/2001-11/msg00026.html. But no
further references.

There is a emacs-unicode branch on the CVS. Are UCS-E and UTF-E
implemented on that branch? If not, there is any plan for implement
it and substitute the MULE internal encoding?

The goal of my queries is to aid in the development of Emacs ISO 10646
support now that i adquired some design/implementation experience on
those issues.

Many thanks.

José E. Marchesi 

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