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Re: Successful build of emacs-unicode-2 under Windows with MinGW

From: Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Subject: Re: Successful build of emacs-unicode-2 under Windows with MinGW
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 15:11:07 +0530

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 17:22:02 +0800, Cheng Gao <address@hidden> wrote:
> ,----
> | I did a checkout with '-kb' of the complete tree just to feel more
> | comfortable. I did an update today (27th Sept 2004) and WOW, I was
> | able to build the complete emacs-unicode-2 with leim using MSVC 6.0 on
> | W2K platform. So, we now have a code base which builds fine with no
> | issues atleast on W2K and MSVC combination.
> `----
> Congratulation! Eventually you succeeded.
> Could you help me to check one  thing about time/date in
> emacs-unicode-2. Please read message  <address@hidden>
> posted by me, in which I reported that under Windows, I found Emacs 22
> can not process date/time correctly. Because it's so hard to find Emacs
> 22 users, I have to bother you to confirm or deny this.

Not a problem. With the latest emacs-unicode-2 (27th Sept 2004) built
on W2K using MSVC 6.0, I get the following o/p:
(format-time-string "%Y-%m-%d" emacs-build-time)
=> "2004-09-27" 

Looks ok to me... Let  me know if you want me to do some other tests.
I have both MinGW32 and MSVC build environments. What would you
(developers) suggest I test. I can test on either one frequently and
both more in-frequently.


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