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Re: Xfree86 and the Meta key (+patch)

From: Jérôme Marant
Subject: Re: Xfree86 and the Meta key (+patch)
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 17:55:02 +0200
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Quoting Richard Stallman <address@hidden>:

>     >From now on, Emacs will have such a problem with upcoming XFree86
>     and Xorg releases.
> There are several variants of XFree86 now, but I have heard that most
> of them are not likely to be used much.  For instance, people told me
> that the one called XFree86 is not likely to be used much.

Debian currently ships XFree86 4.3 plus patches that were applied to the
the XFree86 before the license change.

> I don't know what Xorg is.  Does Xorg have the same licence change
> that XFree86 has?  All else being equal, we would prefer to recommend
> releases which don't have that license change.

Xorg is a fork of the Xfree86 tree which does not have licensing problems.
It is maintained by freedesktop.org. Everyone is going in this direction.


Jérôme Marant

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