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Re: emacs-unicode: `Encoded-kbd' weirdness during batch-mode

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: emacs-unicode: `Encoded-kbd' weirdness during batch-mode
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 11:42:19 +0900 (JST)
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In article <address@hidden>, Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:
> A possible side-effect of the error also seems to be that it doesn't
> set the terminal-coding-system from LANG for output either.  If I
> start emacs with LANG=ja_JP.utf8, files containing non-ascii
> characters are displayed as question-marks, but I can make them
> display correctly by using `C-x C-m t' -- but the trunk does this
> automatically from LANG.

The reason of this bug was in another place.  In
emacs-unicode, the default of terminal coding system was
no-conversion, thus (set-terminal-coding-system nil) doesn't
set terminal coding system to default-terminal-coding-system
(which is utf-8).  I've just installed a fix.

Ken'ichi HANDA

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