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Re: font-lock in machine mode of gdba

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: font-lock in machine mode of gdba
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 02:28:37 +1300

 > > I think it should at least be consistent with asm-mode where keywords like
 > > movl, andl, etc are fontified with font-lock-keyword-face and operands and
 > > registers are left unfontified.
 > I have changed both gdb-ui.el and asm-mode.el; and used the same face in the
 > both mode for the same object. Do you think operand fontification is too 
 > decorative?
 > Now font-lock-mode is turn-on in gdb-assembler-mode when 
 > global-font-lock-mode is 
 > true. gdb-assembler-mode-hook is also provided. See the comments at the tail 
 > of
 > font-core.el.

I don't know if the operand fontification too decorative but is it logical?
Should a register name have font-lock-variable-face and an address
font-lock-constant-face? I don't use disassembly for debugging or code in
assembler. Perhaps someone who does can comment.

Would gdb-assembler-mode-hook ever be used?


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