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Re: gdb-ui / fring coredump question

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gdb-ui / fring coredump question
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 21:09:52 +1300

 > > By default, if the fringe is present, both arrow and breakpoint icons
 > > should display there. The only way that I can get breakpoint icons to
 > > display in the margin when the fringe is present, is to make the fringe
 > > under eight pixels wide
 > I'm confused what you mean above.  Do you mean that you _want_ to use
 > the margin for breakpoint icons, but that there's some strange
 > interaction between the fringe and margin such that this doesn't work
 > when the fringe is 8 or more pixels wide?  That sounds a bit strange.

No. I mean thats the only way I can see that behaviour.

 > I'd think that the most desirable method would be to use the fringe
 > for both;...

Yes. That's what should happen.

 > > (what value do you have for fringe-mode?).
 > fringe-mode's value is nil

This should be easy to debug if you instrument gdb-put-breakpoint-icon with
Edebug, click on the fringe to set a breakpoint, and step through the
function. The first gdb-put-string (anachronistic name) puts a bitmap in the
fringe (if reached), while put-image puts an image in the margin.

I've noticed that, in my case, although fringe-mode is nil, so that the
fringes should have the default width (8 pixels), (window-fringes) gives (10
11 nil). Just a guess, but if you are using a different toolkit (GTK?) perhaps
(window-fringes) gives something different again with a car of less than 8.

This is Kim's code so he can probably shed more light.

[Note for Kim: The doco for the variable fringe-mode mentions 'toggle-fringe'
but there doesn't appear to be any such function.]

 > Another problem I saw in passing with the both-fringe-and-margins mode
 > is that for some reason once the margin had been displayed, it would
 > sometimes start blinking on and off (I mean, it would display first
 > without the margin, then redisplay with the margin, etc).  I don't
 > have an easy test case for this though.

I have seen something similar in an xterm but both-fringe-and-margins
mode shouldn't happen ordinarily. Lets debug one problem at a time.


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