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Incompatible change without "warning"

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Incompatible change without "warning"
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:35:42 +1200

 > I see that on 2005-4-18 the tooltip-use-echo-area was renamed to
 > tooltip-gud-echo-area. This change breaks existing code
 > (semantic). Isn't it common practise to first deprecate a variable
 > before deleting it? And shouldn't this make it into NEWS?

I should also add that tooltip-gud-echo-area doesn't do exactly the same thing
as tooltip-use-echo-area: it only uses the echo area for GUD tooltips.  Help
messages are still displayed in their own tooltip frame. Previously using the
echo area for GUD tooltips required help messages to be displayed there also.
Turning tooltip-mode off means that help messages displayed in the echo area
and that GUD tooltips are no longer displayed. Maybe this change is not as
good as I first thought because now it is not possible to have both GUD
tooltips and help messages displayed in the echo area.


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