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Re: Completion with M-Tab for custom type 'directory

From: Henrik Enberg
Subject: Re: Completion with M-Tab for custom type 'directory
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 23:52:07 +0200
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Lennart Borgman <address@hidden> writes:

> Henrik Enberg wrote:
>>>Then, in the correct state, I put the point  to the beginning of the
>>>field. If I then type Esc Tab I get an "Wrong type argument: stringp,
>>Hmm, I get a huge list of symbols to complete against. Even at the
>>beginning of the field without deleting the initial "nil".
> I compared with how completion works for C-x d. In this case the default
> directory is used when the string is empty. This is of course not
> meaningful the the custom widget.
> I noticed another problem (bug?). The completion list contains all
> files, not only directories. This is meaningful for C-x d, but not for a
> directory widget. To summarize the problems:
> 1) On w32: You can not get completion when the widget input field for a
>    directory type custom is empty. This perhaps has something to do with
>    the absence of a definition of a root directory in dired too?

I get an error If the field is empty too, and if the initial input is a
non-existing file or directory.

> 2) Completion for a 'directory type custom widget includes all files,
>    not only directories. (Is this w32 specific?)

I get that on GNU/Linux too.

Looking at wid-edit.el, it seems that the :directory type widget is an
alias for the :file widget, but I'm not 100% sure I understand the
define-widget code, so I could be wrong.

I see that is has a fixme comment stating that it should use
`file-name-as-directory' instead of `file'.

> 3) Alt-Tab is useless as a default since it is not available in window
>    type environments. Esc-Tab is in this case available, but is not
>    always the case. (This message has been repeated many times now and I
>    really long for a resulotion of this.)

It certainly isn't useless as a default.  I use it all the time on my
GNU/Linux system.

ESC-Tab not working all the time on w32 sounds like a bug to me.

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