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RE: Help buffer key bindings

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Help buffer key bindings
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 08:44:42 -0800

    > And bind it to the other keys that `Info-history-back' is bound to -
    > including `mouse-4'.

    Under X11, mouse-4 and mouse-5 are typically used for wheel events, so
    they're used by mouse-wheel-mode.

OK, so let the bindings be platform-dependent, to some extent.
Platform-dependence is already coded into the mouse-wheel code (m-wheel.el),
so it wouldn't be setting a new precedent.

We shouldn't design only for the lowest common denominator, anyway -
otherwise, we would eliminate all graphics, fonts, frames, etc. from Emacs.
Mouse-4 and -5 are just "nice-to-haves" - not essential to the basic use of
Emacs, so I don't think a little platform dependence would hurt here. Why
not give non-X11 users this simple convenience they are used to in other

That's a shame, for X11, BTW (and it seems weird to me - takes away two
mouse buttons, just so you can use the wheel?). I guess that means the same
happens for Web browsers in X11 environments - can't use mouse-4 for Back
and mouse-5 for Forward?

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