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c-submode-indicators at wrong place in minor-mode-alist

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: c-submode-indicators at wrong place in minor-mode-alist
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 13:25:36 +1300

 > After opening a C file and activating smerge-mode, I get a modeline
 > that reads:
 > ............... (C SMerge/l Fly Abbrev)
 > The /l comes from c-submode-indicators and has nothing to do with SMerge.
 > The problem is that SMerge was loaded after C mode was turned on so it ended
 > up in front of c-submode-indicators in minor-mode-alist.
 > I think that c-submode-indicators should either be put in mode-line-process,
 > or that c-mode sets mode-name to '("C" c-submode-indicators).

I have also made the following bug report for c-submode-indicators (4th Dec)
but not heard anything, possibly because I didn't cc to address@hidden
last time:

  I have two suggestions:

  1) Clicking mouse-2 on the characters after "C" on the mode-line describes
  c-submode-indicators.  It would be helpful if this variable was documented
  to explain the meaning of its value.

  2) The sub-menus of the "Toggle..." menu-item should be radio buttons so
  the user can see their current value.

Also the menu item "Syntactic indentation" is permanently disabled and can't
be toggled.

For some reason none of the defvars in cc-langs.el seem to have doc strings.

The missing functionality might be due to my setup: CC mode almost seems to
be a dialect of Emacs Lisp with its own virtual world of macros.


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