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Re: allocate_string_data memory corruption

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: allocate_string_data memory corruption
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 20:15:52 -0500
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>> Are you in fact 110% sure the abort happens on the second debugging
>> check?  Can you tell how did you verify this?  (The line number shown
>> by GDB is not a reliable evidence.)
>> Was this code compiled without optimizations?  If not, recompile with
>> "-O0" and see if you get abort or crash in another place.

> I'll double-check with the user, but I believe it was compiled with
> -O0.  We had to move the check around in that function while we were
> narrowing down where the memory corruption occurs, and the line number
> reported by GDB seemed to be correct.

If you use eassert instead of "if (...) abort();" you won't have to worry
about it because the line number is embedded in the error message, so you
don't even need debug-symbols.
OTOH you need to compile with -DENABLE_CHECKING.


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