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Re: [PATCH] Unicode Lisp reader escapes

From: Aidan Kehoe
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Unicode Lisp reader escapes
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 18:50:08 +0200

 Ar an seachtú lá de mí Bealtaine, scríobh Richard Stallman: 

 >     Okay. I’ve already signed papers;
 > When was that?  The only papers recorded in our file you are for Gnus.

To be clearer: I’ve signed a declaration of assignment for Gnus, and that
declaration is headed “ASSIGNMENT - GNU Gnus” and contains the following

  1.(a) Developer hereby agrees to assign and does hereby assign to FSF
  Deveoper’s copyright in changes and/or enhancements to the suite of programs
  known as GNU Emacs (herein called the Program), including any accompanying
  docmentation files and supporting files as well as the actual program code.
  These changes and/or enhancements are herein called the Works. 
  (b) The assignment of par. 1(a) above applies to all past and future works
  of Developer that constitute changes and enhancements to the Program. 

Now, if Gnus is not to be interpreted as one of the “suite of programs known
as GNU Emacs,” then I need to sign separate a declaration of assignment for
Gnus. In that event, please send me one, by email or by post; my current
address is

Wisbyerstr. 10c
10439 Berlin 

Best regards

        - Aidan
Aidan Kehoe, http://www.parhasard.net/

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