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Re: CVS Emacs cygwin build problem.

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: CVS Emacs cygwin build problem.
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 09:21:57 +0100
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"Steven Wu" <address@hidden> writes:

> ifdef CYGWIN
> lisp = $(shell cygpath -m $(CURDIR))
> else
> lisp = $(CURDIR)
> endif
> See this is need only in the makefile.w32-in. For those who compile
> window native Emacs using cygwin utils, this change can only help
> them, and it won't affect minGW. For those compile Emacs under
> cygwin, they don't use makefile.w32-in. I don't see what other system
> will be affected except maybe nmake.

Our previous experience is that it does affect mingw make, when run
under Cygwin bash.

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