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RE: facemenu-unlisted-faces

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: facemenu-unlisted-faces
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 20:17:23 -0700

    I don't know what faces ought not to be there.  Probably `tooltip',
    `help-argument-name', etc. ought not to be there, but what's the

If I read the facemenu.el commentary correctly, the faces that should be
there are faces that users will not be likely to apply to text in a buffer.

    Assuming the facemenu is meant for users to select a face to put into
    whatever buffer they are editing (via Edit->Text Properties->Face), I
    would argue that the facemenu should be populated by an include list
    rather than an exclude list.  I suggest just the following:

    bold bold-italic default fixed-pitch underline

I agree: if users can only choose a face to apply by clicking its name in
the Face submenu, then that submenu should be short. I think, however, that
the Face submenu is pretty useless, whether short or long. I'd suggest
removing it altogether, after the release.

On the other hand, a long list, a la `list-faces-display', can be useful -
it just should not be placed in-line in a menu. We could enable use of
`list-faces-display' to apply a chosen face to the region (what Faces > ...
does today).

Today, the `list-faces-display' list just gives you access to 1) Customizing
the face and 2) the *Faces* description of the face. those two could be
combined in the same mouse click - they both give you info on the face. In
fact, they already are combined, in the sense that *Faces* has a link to
Customize the face.

So, clicking the face name in `list-faces-display' could simply apply that
face to the region (what Faces > ... does today). And clicking the face's
alphabet would show the *Faces* description of the face, with a link to
Customize it.

IOW, my suggestion is to get rid of menu Faces, and let users obtain its
functionality for any face, via a more active `list-faces-display'.

The best interaction, BTW, is that provided by `M-o o': it lets you choose a
face to apply using face-name completion. Like `list-faces-display', no
faces are excluded from that list - if a user wants to apply face
`mode-list' to text in a buffer, s?he can.

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