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RE: facemenu-unlisted-faces

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: facemenu-unlisted-faces
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 09:55:13 -0700

        The point here is *not* to use the names (but to make them
        available via tooltip).

    That makes no sense.  Showing the actual colors is useful;

Useful for what? Colors *identify themselves*, by their appearance. Why do
you want to read color names? For blind people, tooltips are available, or
they can use the complete list of colors, which provide names.

The quick color-choice menu or palette has only simple colors, whose names
are not important (and can even get in the way, as I demonstrated with
"Fuchsia"). If you need to use precisely the color "blanched almond", then
you use the complete list of colors.

    hiding their names is not useful.

Why not? it makes it easier for you to see the colors (swatches), reduces
clutter and noise, and saves space.

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