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Re: Emacs manual mentioning thumbs mode but not tumme

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: Emacs manual mentioning thumbs mode but not tumme
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 11:40:18 +0000 (UTC)

I hate to say it, but it makes sense to convert all the functions
`tumme' to a name that starts with `dired' rather than `thumbnails'.

`Thumbnails' are common and becoming more so.  That name is no good.

I know that 17 variables and functions in what used to be called
`tumme.el' have `dired' in their names.  They will have to be changed.

Suppose the name chosen is `dired-view'.  (That name does not
distinguish between static images and movies.  People who drive cars
and who listen, the `situationally blind', will not `view' them -- and
the rest of us do not want them to.)

For convenience, the `dired-view' part of the name should always be
first even when the command is not for dired, such as

(Documentation needs a human look since it does not follow functions'
and variables' names.  Thus, the documentation string for the variable
`thumbnails-thumbnail-buffer' says "Thumbnails's thumbnail buffer."

(It should be changed to a line such as "Dired View mode's thumbnail buffer.")

I suggest the following name changes:

    thumbnails-dired-disp-props --> dired-view-disp-props
    thumbnails-dired-insert-marked-thumbs --> dired-view-insert-marked-thumbs
    thumbnails-dired-after-readin-hook --> dired-view-after-readin-hook
    thumbnails-toggle-dired-display-properties --> 
    thumbnails-dired-with-window-configuration --> 
    thumbnails-associated-dired-buffer --> dired-view-associated-dired-buffer
    thumbnails-dired-next-line --> dired-view-next-line 
    thumbnails-dired-previous-line --> dired-view-previous-line
    thumbnails-dired-file-marked-p --> dired-view-file-marked-p
    thumbnails-jump-original-dired-buffer --> 
    thumbnails-setup-dired-keybindings --> 
    thumbnails-dired-display-external --> dired-view-display-external
    thumbnails-associated-dired-buffer-window --> 
    thumbnails-dired-display-image --> dired-view-display-image
    thumbnails-dired-comment-files --> dired-view-comment-files
    thumbnails-dired-display-properties --> dired-view-display-properties
    thumbnails-dired-edit-comment-and-tags --> dired-view-edit-comment-and-tags

Also, instances of 
should probably be converted to 
and instances of 

I hardly ever look at images or movies.  Indeed, I know so little that
was confused by the similarity between

    ;;; thumbs.el --- Thumbnails previewer for images files
    ;;; thumbnails.el --- use dired to browse and manipulate your images

which appeared in this morning's CVS.  Had I not known that Mathias
Dahl wrote tumme.el, I would not have known which to choose.
Doubtless I have left out parts.  Making the changes will be hard, but
will be easier for someone who knows the topic.

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    address@hidden                         address@hidden
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