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Re: mode-line under vc

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: mode-line under vc
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 19:28:37 -0700

Nick Roberts <address@hidden> writes:

  > I generally like the changes to the mode-line for files under version 
  > but have a few suggestions:

Feel free to make changes in CVS. 

  > 1) "Edited file" sounds a bit ambiguous to me, like maybe I haven't saved my
  >    changes. "Locally Modified" is what CVS uses with "cvs status", and this
  >    seems clearer to me.

Good idea.

  > 2) Do we really need to explain that "CVS" in the mode-line means
  >   "under the CVS version control system" in the help-echo?  It's kind of
  >   long and seems a bit repetitive, unlike explaining the difference between
  >   ":" and "-" which _is_ obscure.

The reason I added it is that it can happen that people are not
familiar with some of the (now many) version control systems... Inside
a company different projects can use different version control
systems. It would be nice if we had the "pretty" name available: 
SVN is actually Subversion
HG is Mercurial
(bzr is Bazaar?)

  > 3) Its not clear what VC is in "mouse-1: VC Menu".  Replacing it with
  >  "mouse-1: version control" would be self-explanatory and help compensate 
  >   the proposed change in 2).

IMO the "menu" should appear there, to make it very obvious what you
get, if you use mouse-1

  > With these changes I also think the help-echo would fit well on one line.
  > -- 
  > Nick                                           

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