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Re: mode-line with Tramp

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: mode-line with Tramp
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 10:36:26 +1200

 > > When the directory is not remote, placing the pointer over the hyphen
 > > displays the value of the default-directory.  It does look a bit
 > > distracting but perhaps that's because I'm not used to it.  If people
 > > prefer, I could remove it.
 > Hmm, I sometimes access remote directories using Emacs on a terminal where
 > placing the mouse pointer over the hyphen doesn't work, so I can't see the
 > host name which is even more important to know than default-directory.

If you mean a text terminal, tooltips don't currently work there on the
mode-line.  I only committed a change (to the trunk) to get them to work in the
text area after 22.1 was released.  Extending them to the mode-line should be a
routine but time consuming task.

 > Maybe a better variant would be to display a string "@hostname.tld" on the
 > mode line?  For instance, to display it after the buffer file name like
 > "address@hidden"?

I think this would take up too much space and push more important information
out of view.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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