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Re: mode-line with Tramp

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: mode-line with Tramp
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 11:51:49 +0300
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>  > Currently the double-end arrow pointer shape that indicates the mode-line
>  > can be dragged obscures the character underneath.  How about the change
>  > below?  I realise that Richard thinks that mixing the mouse and keyboard is
>  > bad UI (although Emacs already does this from the menu-bar and, now with
>  > vc-mode, from the mode-line with some VC commands) but it changes the
>  > pointer shape to a hand and gives functionality consistent with the 
> bindings
>  > for the two previous characters on the mode line 
> (mode-line-toggle-read-only
>  > and mode-line-toggle-modified) which I think is good UI.
> This drew no response.  The patch assigned mouse-1 over the mode-line flag for
> default-directory to "cd", i.e., to change default-directory.  Assuming it was
> unfavourable because it mixed the mouse and keyboard, how about extending
> use-file-dialog, which applies to commands from menus and tool bar buttons, to
> commands from the mode-line also?  That way default-directory could be changed
> with the mouse alone.

Maybe this should depend on the value of tooltip-mode?  When tooltip-mode
is on, then display the directory selection dialog.  When tooltip-mode is off,
then read the directory from the minibuffer.  The reason is that the user
sets it to off when the user prefers to use the minibuffer and echo area
(where tooltips are displayed when tooltip-mode is off).

Juri Linkov

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