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Re: recording-elisp.el - try recording commands as elisp code

From: yzhh
Subject: Re: recording-elisp.el - try recording commands as elisp code
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 14:14:05 +0800
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A question:

To get good isearch recording I used isearch internal information (a stack
of intermidiate states left on isearch-exit). This looks a bad practice
since it's prone to isearch implementation changes. 

But the situation is: it cannot be done without knowledge about it's
internals. Recording every isearch command does not work because many of
them do not have args (i.e. they've not been designed to be recorded). And
any attempt to transform them to be shorter relies on isearch
implementation. The "isearch state stack " is just another kind of interal
knowledge and I choose it for simplicity.

It's quite contradictory. If I give up relying on internals the recorded
result looks bad. If I insist this style there are other isearch-alike
commands waiting - I simply can not and should not handle them all.


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