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Re: Changes to vc-directory

From: Neal Becker
Subject: Re: Changes to vc-directory
Date: Fri, 02 May 2008 06:05:19 -0400
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Nick Roberts wrote:

>  > I have one installation of 23.0.60, a few weeks old.  C-x v d runs
>  > vc-directory, which works great with Hg.  I have a newer 23.0.60 cvs,
>  > and
>  > C-x v d runs vc-status.  Not nearly as useful for me (vc-status shows
>  > all the junk files, and doesn't have nice key bindings for diff, for
>  > example).
>  > 
>  > The Tools/version control menu has changed.  I liked the old one - with
>  > Tools/version control/VC directory listing (C-x v d) bound to
>  > vc-directory.
> I think the plan is for vc-status (now vc-dir) to replace vc-directory. 
> You appear to have three choices:
> 1) Use an old Emacs and not get the features of newer versions.
> 2) Bind vc-directory to "C-x v d" in your .emacs. knowing that this
> command
>    will eventually disappear.
> 3) Start to use vc-dir and contribute to it's development so that it does
>    what you want it to do.

My workflow:
1) vc-dir to show me what is modified
2) vc-diff on a file to show me the diff
3) vc-ci (or whatever) to commit the change

Here's what I'd like:

1) A menu entry to vc-dir to hide uninteresting files.  Often I have many
test results that are not revision controlled.

2) Something equivalent to #2 and #3 above

3) Also, a few less-used options, such as revert or delete. 

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