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Release plans

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Release plans
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 11:07:24 -0400

Just a reminder: we will begin the feature freeze for Emacs 23.1 at the
end of this month.

The original plan was to merge CEDET in time for the freeze.  However,
this isn't going to happen because of a delay in legal paperwork;
hopefully, CEDET will be included in 23.2.

Emacs.app (the new Cocoa port) will be merged sometime this week.

As for Emacs 22.3, bugfixes made to the trunk should be backported,
where safe and appropriate, to the Emacs 22 branch.  This backporting of
fixes will carry on throughout the Emacs 23 testing period, so that both
the trunk and the branch can benefit from the bugfixing effort.  If
things work out, we can make the Emacs 22.3 minor release during the
Emacs 23 pretest.  If you see an existing bugfix in the trunk that you
think should go into the Emacs 22 branch, please email the commiter with
a reminder to check it into the branch (or email emacs-devel).

I'd like to request volunteers for going through the Emacs 23
documentation.  The Emacs manual and Emacs Lisp manual need to be
updated with the information in etc/NEWS.  If you would like to help,
please email me.

Finally, if you are a naughty person who has not added a proper entry to
etc/NEWS for your new code, please do it as soon as possible (or ask
someone for help).


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