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Re: Improving X selection?

From: Frank Schmitt
Subject: Re: Improving X selection?
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:56:50 +0200
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Juri Linkov <address@hidden> writes:

>>>>> Please ignore this if it's already been hammered to death, but what about
>>>>> using C-Insert/Shift-Insert for the clipboard?
>>>> That would make a lot of sense to me,
>>> Shift-Insert is kind of quasi standard to paste the *selection* on X11.
>>> This would make emacs behavior even more "non standard".  I don't care
>>> much, just wanted to note that.
>> I do care much. I use Shift-Insert to paste selection and Control+Insert
>> to set selection all the time. If the behavior of those keys was
>> changed, I'd be really p. off.
> Do you use Shift-Insert and Control-Insert because other programs
> provide the same keys for the same functionality (i.e. copy to the
> clipboard and paste from the clipboard)?  In this case, it is more
> annoying when these keys don't work as expected in other programs
> based on CUA guidelines that specify Shift-Insert and Control-Insert
> to work with the clipboard.

They do? For me selecting text with the mouse (and doing nothing else)
and then pasting with Sift+Insert works in Emacs, Firefox, KDE

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