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Re: Improving X selection?

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: Re: Improving X selection?
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 05:08:29 +0100
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David Hansen wrote:

> Would it be possible / desirable that emacs kill-ring somehow cooperates
> with these tools?

Well, they are somewhat like the kill-ring.... There's no existing
standard api* for generally accesing them though AFAIK, and it's not
immediately clear to me how you would mesh them if you wanted to.

I'm not sure you would want to - I already use the emacs kill-ring (with
yank-pop-change-selection set!) AND klipper -  you end up over time with
a lot of the same snippets on both the klipper menu and the kill ring,
but that doesn't matter much at all?

If you did want to, it might be more a case of one supplanting the other
than meshing i.e.

emacs providing general system clipboard history functionality, like
emacs having a use-system-clipboard-history-as-kill-ring option such
that the system pseudo-kill-ring supplants the emacs kill ring

Especially the latter is probably not very workable, given emacs' needs
(text properties...).  The former could work, at least for textual
clipboard contents, but is it worth the bother?

* FWIW, one can easily extract clipboard history items from KDE 3.x
klipper with it's dcop API e.g.  at the command-line,
dcop klipper klipper getClipboardHistoryMenu
- but other clipboard manager daemons presumably don't support that.

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