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RE: Release update

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Release update
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 08:34:21 -0800

> > A wild guess: We have experienced a similar slowness at startup for
> > lilypond, caused by fontconfig which rebuilt the cache files each
> > time.  The solution was to untick `Automatically adjust clock for
> > daylight saving changes'.  More can be found in this thread:
> > 
> >   http://www.mail-archive.com/address@hidden/msg42261.html
> Wow. Interesting. I tried that, and the problem immediately 
> "went away". And it's still gone after checking the box again.
> For the moment, I have "Automatically adjust..." checked 
> again, and there is still no problem. I'll try again some other
> day, and see if the problem really went away. Before now, I've
> seen the problem systematically - every day. 
> Maybe just unchecking, then rechecking that check box took 
> care of the problem. That would be good. If only it worked for
> the bugs too. ;-)
> In the thread you cite, I see this:
> "forcing a rebuild results in the same delay you're experiencing
> every time unless the automatic clock adjustment is turned off for the
> first run."
> That makes me think that unchecking the check box, then 
> starting Emacs 23, then checking the box again will keep the
> problem fixed (which is what I seem to see). That seems to say
> that it's enough that the automatic adjustment be turned
> off "for the first run", which I guess in my case is for the 
> first time that I start Emacs 23. And later posts in that
> thread also suggest that it's OK to turn
> the check box on again. BTW, I'm running XP (SP3), FWIW, but 
> apparently Vista also has this problem.
> Veritable voodoo. If this truly is the problem and the fix 
> needed, then perhaps it should be cited in the FAQ, if it
> can't be prevented altogether. The thread
> mentions a patch for fontconfig that fixes the problem - 
> perhaps Emacs could use that too.
> Here is a summary of the problem, from that thread:
> "seems that the problem occurs if the cache is first built
> during a daylight saving period when the system is set to 
> automatically adjust the clock for daylight saving."
> Thx! Very cool. The whole thread is interesting, BTW.

Sad to say, I spoke too soon. I see the problem again this morning, exactly as I
described it before.

And repeating the operation - uncheck the box, open & close Emacs 23, close the
box - doesn't seem to fix it (at first, I thought it did).

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