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Re: first-class support for csharp in cc-mode.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: first-class support for csharp in cc-mode.el
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 14:57:33 -0200
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> Very clear. In that case I should be petitioning to get csharp-mode
> put into the emacs progmodes distrib separately, rather than
> petitioning to get csharp-mode folded into cc-mode.

Here are the hurdles:
1- The usual issue of getting the necessary paperwork in order
   (i.e. track down all the non-negligible contributors and get them to
   sign the copyright thingies).
2- Get the code into shape (follow coding conventions, mostly).
3- Figure out whether it's politically acceptable: the FSF doesn't like
   the .NET framework because it is too much under control of a company
   we distrust, so the FSF doesn't want to encourage the development
   of applications using the .NET platform.
   I would personally accept csharp-mode.el, as long as we're careful to
   support the Free part of .NET (i.e. Mono) rather than the
   MS-specific tools.

> I don't know how that might affect the final design of a solution, or
> if it recommends or disrecommends Stefan's suggestion to worry only
> about the final slash.

My main recommendation is to only add a syntax table on the chars where
we know we need it (i.e. final backslash, and intermediate LFs if
necessary, and whichever more is found to need such treatment), rather
than blindly on the whole text.


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