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Re: bazaar: "unable to obtain lock"

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: bazaar: "unable to obtain lock"
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 05:29:13 +0100
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address@hidden (Robert J. Chassell) writes:

> So I have two directories, emacs/

which is the directory that holds the bazaar shared repository. The VC
info is in emacs/.bzr

> and emacs/trunk/,

which is the directory that holds your local mirror of upstream
trunk. It has its metainfo in the directory emacs/trunk/.bzr

> and I can rename them to emacs/ and emacs/emacs/.  That is fine except
> I don't want to do that.  I want to move emacs/trunk/ and all its
> lower files to emacs/ and still be able to pull as well as I can now
> (should I `pull' or should I `update'?) and still have the
> emacs/quickfixes/ directory.

This can be done, but do you *really* need that? emacs/trunk is mean to
be just a gateway for communicating with upstream, why do you need it
named as emacs/ ? Would it be okay for you to work on a regular branch
named emacs/ but keep using emacs/trunk as the gateway? If yes, do that:

# we rename the directory that holds the shared repo:
mv emacs emacs-shared-repo
# we create a regular branch for working:
bzr branch emacs-shared-repo/trunk emacs

For keeping your emacs/ branch up to date, pull on
emacs-shared-repo/trunk and then pull or merge on emacs/. It is possible
to pull directly to your emacs/ branch from upstream, but without more
information about how do you work I don't know if it is advisable.

> I tried that with `cp -R' a day or two
> ago and `pull' failed.

You probably polluted emacs/.bzr with the contents of
emacs/trunk/.bzr. I would play safe and remove everything and start from

> Of course, I may have made a mistake, but I wonder.


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