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RE: delete-selection-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: delete-selection-mode
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 10:33:03 -0700

> cua-mode is useful, very useful for us that are used and use other
> editing environments too. It solves some nearly unsolveable problems
> in Emacs - in my opinion the best way it could be solved with the
> support that was possible to get when cua-mode was written.
> So part of the structure of cua-mode possibly comes from the
> resistance to it. If you care about that structure, please make
> suggestions for how to improve it (it will may require changes to
> Emacs in other ways).

Ah. Just as I predicted at the beginning of this can-of-worms thread:

> we've been around this block a few times before. Here we 
> go, round and round. Folks will chime in again about cua-mode,
> cua-selection-mode, pc-selection-mode, transient-mark-mode,...
> The antimouse will raise its medusa head again... Round and
> round and round we go... Are we having fun yet?

Every part of that forecast has now come to fruition. Cua was the last to arrive
at the party, but all are now assembled and frantically flinging champagne and
confetti in the air.

Of course by now most of the partygoers are already well wasted. Cua will need
to indulge quickly to catch up. Not to worry...

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