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Re: The Gnus repository is switching to Git as of 2010-04-19

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: The Gnus repository is switching to Git as of 2010-04-19
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 11:00:18 -0400
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> git-bzr supports push and pull (bzr-git only supports pull) so maybe it
> makes sense to put the magic on the Git side.

git-bzr might be a good choice for the "magic" part, yes.

> IOW, instead of massaging the file locations in the for-emacs
> branch, I could assemble a map of "gnus-file-name <-> emacs-file-name"
> for all the files that need to be synchronized and then only look at
> commits that involve those files.  So the "magic" would not only
> synchronize but also translate and make rearranging the files
> unnecessary.

The "rearranging the files" is a simple way to "write" the map of
"gnus-file-name <-> emacs-file-name".  Bzr handles file renaming very
well, so if you do the renaming on the Bzr side, I think it'll work OK.
It doesn't handle removals as well (resulting in conflicts when you
merge changes to the removed file), but it shouldn't be too hard to cook
up a script which will resolve those conflicts automatically.

Since this will involve renaming of all files, the support for renaming
will be important.  If Git handles renames as well as Bzr in such
a case, then it doesn't matter where you do the renaming (on the Git or
the Bzr side).


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