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Re: telepathy

From: Jan Moringen
Subject: Re: telepathy
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 04:00:52 +0200


> > I was also working on a D-Bus-based telepathy (or mission-control, to be
> > precise) library as a backend for Rudel [1]. My focus was on enumeration
> > of contacts and creation of telepathy tubes. I wrote transparent proxy
> > objects for D-Bus objects using EIEIO in the process. I can commit the
> > code to the Rudel repository, if you are interested.
> Looks very interesting. Please commit; I would like to see the code :-)

OK, after some cleanup, I committed the (still untidy) code to the Rudel
bzr repository. It can be found in the "future" (read: junkyard) branch


The relevant files are:

telepathy/dbus-introspection.el  some helper functions
telepathy/dbus-proxy.el          lisp proxies for D-Bus objects

telepathy/telepathy-mission-control-4.el  mission control bindings 
                                          for version 4
telepathy/telepathy-mission-control-5.el  mission control bindings 
                                          for version 5

The mission control bindings are very incomplete since they depend on
the proxy code, which is at best barely complete.

I did not commit the Rudel-specific code, since it cannot be of any use
to anyone, yet :)

If you have questions, suggestions or improvements, let me know.

Kind regards,

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