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debbugs search output [was Re: Bug statistics]

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: debbugs search output [was Re: Bug statistics]
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 21:57:51 -0400
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Karl Fogel wrote:

> It would be nice to apply or reject the patches, though. I don't
> know how to find them. Doing a search on the tag "patch" (as
> suggested by the text "Valid tags are patch, wontfix, moreinfo,
> unreproducible, fixed, notabug") claims to find 2006 bugs. Since
> that's exactly how many bugs total are in the tracker, it's got to
> be wrong.

The number "2006" is somewhat misleading, OK; but the actual results,
in terms of the bugs displayed beneath this, are correct. I hope this
is obvious if you actually *look* at the search results.

This is of course off-topic for this thread, but it seems I need to
explain this now...

Standard debbugs does not do any limitation of the amount of bugs it
displays. Trying to view the bugs in the "emacs" package, the machine
would try to display 2000+ bugs and run out of memory. (It shares this
aspect of the Bazaar design philosophy.)

Since there is a link to all the emacs bugs on every bug report page,
this was something of a problem.

So I added a very crude hack limiting it to display 400 bugs maximum
at once. It is dumb in the sense that the 400 filter is applied
*before* the search is carried out. In other words, it only searches
the first 400 open emacs reports at a time. It may not find any
matches for your search there. This is obviously not ideal, but it was
the fix I was able to implement at the time, because I could not
understand the code any better.

At most, you will have to page through 5 pages of search results to
see all the bugs tagged patch. I hope this is not too onerous, and I
doubt this is the limiting factor in these patches not being applied

Patches for debbugs welcome, if anyone would like to help improve
this. Or indeed anything else.

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