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RE: Emacs learning curve

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs learning curve
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 07:22:02 -0700

> I would not even consider using Emacs without a vi emulation mode.


> Emacs does not have CUA support

This should go in NEWS.  It's news to me, at least.
Might be news to Kim too.  Please file a bug/enhancement report.

> the current primary possible user base (which is probably
> about the same as vim)

(Same as the current vim users or same as the primary possible user base for

Sounds like you think that the notorious newbies we've been arguing about
attracting - that horrendous, humongous horde who refuse to come to Emacs
because it does not adhere to CUA by default - those who would save Emacs from
certain, imminent extinction - are none other than ... (drumroll) ... the vim

Viper will save Emacs by expropriating vim?  Surely this is not about a crusade
for Emacs to finally conquer vi by adopting CUA by default, is it?  ;-)  Instead
of The End Of Emacs, we would announce The End Of The Editor Wars?  My, we are
ambitious.  Amazing what a little CUA in the blood can do to perk one up.

Whatever happened to Eclipse in this discussion?
Now we're spiraling down to `vi vs Emacs'?

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