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Unifying network stream

From: falkdayaram
Subject: Unifying network stream
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 18:31:55 -0400 (EDT)
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I am using GNU Emacs in a corporate environment.  Due to inhouse
restrictions I am not able to use the inbuilt network stream functions
(open-network-stream, starttls-open-stream, open-tls-stream,
open-gnutls-stream etc.).  To workaround our inhouse proxies and
firewalls, I completly rewrote the network stream/tls/starttls
implementation to bypass our infrastructure.  Whilst emacs provides great
tools to implement such a major change, I am still struggeling to keep my
patches up with upstream development.  Other than that, there are so many
different function that may be used to open network streams, implemented
in so many different places.  It would be great if the creation of network
streams is unified in one single function (open-network-stream).  I could
advice this function then, and would not have to deal with all the other
entry points in my code.

Is there any chance this could be implemented in emacs 24?  I am probably
not the only one out here who uses an own network backend.

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