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Re: Changing the default for `send-mail-function'

From: chad
Subject: Re: Changing the default for `send-mail-function'
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 16:28:01 -0700

On Jul 5, 2011, at 2:43 PM, Antoine Levitt wrote:
>> Thus, we can assume this test is done running as root.
> Except apt-get doesn't call make install, so it's a package maintainer
> gotcha.

In fact, I will be surprised if 5% of the used emacs installations
involve `make install' being run as root on anything strongly
resembling the user's configuration, and absolutely shocked if it's as
high as 10%.

In the end, Richard has an idea he wants to try, that covers
relatively rare edge cases.  Multiple people have suggested that this
*might* not be a good idea, but the edge cases are so rare and varied
that no one will be persuaded by theoretical discussion.  We might as
well try it and see.

It would still probably be worth-while to try an http-based
bug-reporting system, if the relevant people have the free
cycles. This probably includes gnu.org maintainers, though, making
that possibility seem slight.

I hope this is helpful; my apologies if not.

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