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Re: display-buffer-alist simplifications

From: grischka
Subject: Re: display-buffer-alist simplifications
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 17:48:15 +0200
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Juri Linkov wrote:
Why should I delete the main frame when I still want to browse

If a user (not you) accidentally deletes that frame,
then `display-buffer' should re-create it.

That would make sense.  Another possible solution would be to
mark the second frame as auxiliary such that it is deleted
automatically with the main frame.

SPEEDBAR acts like this but only if I click the main frame close
button.  With C-x 50 it says something more advanced (=weird)
as in:  "Attempt to delete a surrogate minibuffer frame"

While at it: Is it now possible with the new display-buffer-alist
to show the SPEEDBAR in some side-window on the main frame?

So after assigning a name to a Emacs frame/window it should be
possible to refer to it in the `display-buffer-alist' specification.
This could be implemented as a plist like `:target "name"'.
In case when a frame/window is not yet created, the specification
could also accept additional frame/window parameters (size etc.)

That sounds useful.

So, assuming we have that already, how would I get this:


--- grischka

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