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Re: patch vs. overwrite in bzr

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: patch vs. overwrite in bzr
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 09:16:46 -0400
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>>> I already suggested a possible improvement (not a solution) about
>>> this: have a different feature freeze window for modules and for Emacs
>>> core, but got 0 answer.
>> I may have replied elsewhere.  The way I see it, Org should be taken out
>> of `trunk' and instead the Emacs release should include a set of ELPA
>> packages (including Org).
> If people continue fixing things in ELPA instead of fixing them in Org,
> we have the same 2-way sync challenge.

Yes, 2-way syncin is another issue, one that we need to solve rather
than get rid of.

> IMHO this move would just send a signal to Emacs devs "do not try to
> fix this, it's just an ELPA package" -- which does not so good to me.

I'd like the `elpa' branch to become more integrated in Emacs so more
developers contribute to it just like they would with bundled packages.
We're not there yet, tho, obviously.


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