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Re: CL package suggestion

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: CL package suggestion
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2012 09:28:33 -0400
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> If remove-if is renamed cl-remove-if and then 'remove-if defaliased to
> 'cl-remove-if, is it now ok to (require 'cl) at runtime?  Won't the
> alias now conflict with whatever definition of remove-if the user had?
> And if you don't (require 'cl) at runtime, then you can't call
> cl-remove-if at runtime, since it might not be available.

We need a (require 'cl-<something>) which brings up CL but only within
the "cl-" namespace.  I don't have a good idea for naming.  `cl-defs'
might be OK, but I'm open to other suggestions.  Maybe `cl-layer', or
`cl-emu', or `cl-compat'?

> One could move cl-remove-if etc into a separate module called cl-funcs,
> so if you want to call cl-remove-if at runtime you (require 'cl-funcs).

`cl-funs' is another option, indeed.

> This would somewhat break up the logical structure of the cl package,
> since things will get grouped by whether they're functions or macros
> rather than by topic.

No: The way to do it is to rename cl.el to cl-<something>.el, change all
its definitions to use the "cl-" prefix and then create a new cl.el
which only contains defaliases.


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