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[Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.68

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.68
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 05:31:29 +0100

Org-mode version 4.68 is available at



- Carsten

Changes in Version 4.68

* Overview

  - Priority handling in the tags view
- Date/time prompt follows the popup calender, and accepts AM/PM times.
  - Standard references like B4 in the spreadsheet.
  - Improvements to the formula editor.
  - C-j does better indentation.
  - Bug fixes

* Details

  - Priority handling in the tags view

    + Agenda lists selected by tag are now sorted by priority.
      Thanks to Andrew Korty for reporting this omission.

  - Improvements to the date/time prompt.

    + When you move (using S-cursor keys) the cursor in the pop-up
      calendar window while responding to a date/time prompt, the
      prompt is updated with the new default date.  Works only under
      Emacs because I don't know how to modify the prompt under
      XEmacs.  Thanks to Bastien for this idea.

    + You can now enter AM/PM times at this prompt.

  - Changes in the spreadsheet

    + You can now also write B4 instead of @4$2 as a reference in
      formulas.  The column references without specified row can be
      written as C& instead of $3.  Such references make formulas
      easier to read and are now the default way how references are
      shown when you edit existing formulas.  To get the old behavior
      back (i.e. only @row$col references), set the variable
      `org-table-use-standard-references' to nil.

      Relative references like @-3$-2 or @II..III continue to use the
      internal format.

  - Changes in the formula editor (the one you get with "C-c '")

    + The formulas are organized in a more logical way.

    + There is now a menu with commands.

    + When starting the formula editor with "C-c '", the cursor
      immediately moves to the formula for the current field.

    + With the cursor on a reference in the formula, you can use
      S-cursor keys to change the field being referenced.

  - C-j indents the following line correctly whe used in a headline
    or in aplain list item.  Thanks to Leo for this suggestion.

  - Bug fixes

    + Flyspell now knows about special org-mode commands.
      Thanks to Vinod Valsalam for reporting this problem, and to
      Andrew Korty for showing how to fix it.

    + Most other bugs discussed recently on address@hidden
      should be fixed, except the problem with non-ASCII characters
      in tags....

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