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Re: [Orgmode] GTD: Solving the bottleneck of converting incoming mails t

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] GTD: Solving the bottleneck of converting incoming mails to NEXT actions
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 14:52:44 +0200
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"Georg C. F. Greve" <address@hidden> writes:

> (setq org-directory "~/Tools/Org/")
> (setq org-default-notes-file "~/.notes")

You can also set `org-remember-default-headline'.  In your case, maybe
"Emails" is a good choice:

(setq org-remember-default-headline "Emails")

Then you have to make sure there is a headline containing "Emails" in
your `org-default-notes-file' or in the file the template is pointing

> (setq org-remember-templates
>       '((?e "* NEXT %?\n  %i\n  %a" "Email" "Emails")))

I don't understand the first "Email" here.  The third argument should be
a filename, as specified in org-remember-templates

,----[ C-h v org-remember-templates ]
| ...                                                                     
| The third element is optional and can specify a destination file for    
| remember items created with this template. The default file is given by 
| `org-default-notes-file'.                                               
| ...                                                                     

So I would suggest this configuration:

(setq org-directory "~/Tools/Org/")
(setq org-default-notes-file "~/.notes")
(setq org-remember-default-headline "Emails")
(setq remember-annotation-functions '(org-remember-annotation))
(setq remember-handler-functions '(org-remember-handler))
(add-hook 'remember-mode-hook 'org-remember-apply-template)
(setq org-remember-templates '((?e "* NEXT %?\n  %i\n  %a")))

> Is this a known problem? Is there something I should look out for?

Hope this helps.


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