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[Orgmode] Jot-mode

From: Raffi R
Subject: [Orgmode] Jot-mode
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 15:58:29 -0400

Hello, all.

When I am taking lecture notes, they are virtually all bullets, and I
need to quickly demote/promote.

I've written a very, very rough derived mode for org-mode that allows
me to do that more quickly. It's mostly just keyboard shorcuts
redefined so that I can access them faster. It is very incomplete, but
also quite useful to me.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts:
Return is org-insert-heading-after-current
Tab is org-do-demote
S-Tab is org-do-promote

C-Tab is org-shifttab
C-return is org-return-indent

Please don't hesitate to try it out, comment, criticize, etc. Once
again, I realize it's kind of trivial, but it has made org-mode that
much more useful to me and I would be delighted if it did so for
anyone else.

- Raffi.

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