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[Orgmode] Re: How to track time spent on a project

From: Geralt
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: How to track time spent on a project
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 19:19:49 +0200

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Bernt Hansen<address@hidden> wrote:
> Just visit the org file with the task you want to clock in and do C-c
> C-x C-i to clock it in.  C-c C-x C-o stops the clock (or when you clock
> in something else it stops).  You can only clock one thing at a time.
> Play with it in a test task to see how it works.
> You can clock in from the agenda directly (if it's visible there) with
> just I (and O for clock out)

thanks, that's working fine :-)

> I've documented how I use clocking stuff here:
> http://doc.norang.ca/org-mode.html#Clocking
I already looked into that, but I couldn't find how to track the time
of entries without a DATE property.

> The agenda is not limited to date ranges.  You can find tasks to clock
> in via the agenda in lots of ways such as:
>  - tags searches  (C-c a m)
>  - org-occur searches by regexp (C-c a /)
>  - custom agenda view
I tried that, but when searching for matching tasks I  can't see their
clocked time in this view (when pressing R org tells me that this
operation is not allowed in such a buffer).
What I just tried was to add a DATE property like this:
  DATE: <2009-07-24 Fri>
  DATE: <2009-07-20 Thu>
With this I can see the task in the agenda and see the clocked
time(s), but I have to add an entry every time I'm working on it (and
it's redundant because this information is already in the CLOCK
I haven't used a custom agenda before, is there a way to create one
that shows tasks in a timeline by looking at the dates in the CLOCK

Thanks for your replies, yours too Greg.


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